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modern functional homewares

Designed & Handcrafted in Australia

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By carefully handcrafting each piece, our designs highlight and showcase the beauty and history of Western Australian timber. 

each piece tells a story

Timber utensils, plates, chopping boards and more, each one is a slice of history. Every piece is handmade by artisan Neil Turner.

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Turner + Turner is a collaboration between Neil and Suellen Turner. Together, they have created a range of homewares that are both classic and modern. They believe that the value of each piece is enhanced by investing time and craftsmanship. These are heirloom pieces that last generations.

Each piece of West Australian timber tells its own story. The whole process can take months: from sourcing and drying the timber, to turning and sealing it. And each piece of timber is unique, requiring a different response. In the hands of artisan Neil Turner, the beauty and history of each piece is revealed.


Handcrafted in Western Australia




Neil has been working with timber for over 40 years. Beginning with timber stumps and other refuse collected from the family farm, his practice steadily grew from a hobby to a vocation. He is internationally regarded for his fine timber furniture and sculpture.

Neil and Suellen now live by the sea in Western Australia’s Southwest. Neil handcrafts each Turner + Turner piece from locally sourced timber in his woodturning shed.



Suellen has always supported Neil’s passion for woodturning and likewise, he has supported her to pursue photography. Both are committed to lifelong learning, pushing themselves to grow their knowledge and creative practice. According to Suellen, she learns each time she picks up her camera.

The richness and timelessness of each Turner + Turner piece is revealed through Suellen’s lens.

I always like to treat the material with great respect because essentially, some of the material I use would be over 100, 150 years old. It commands a lot of thought and a lot of respect.
— Neil Turner

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