the Brand


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With an aesthetic that

focuses on

clean simple lines


TURNER + TURNER produces modern, functional pieces that enhance the natural beauty of the materials used. TURNER + TURNER’s products are made by hand and crafted to the highest quality in Australia. Each piece tells a story and is designed to be used and enjoyed on a daily basis.

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Our Philosophy

At the centre of TURNER + TURNER is an ethos of creating one-off modern functional homewares. Our designs highlight and showcase the beauty of Western Australian timber, by hand crafting each piece from a single piece of Western Australian timber.  



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About the Designers

TURNER + TURNER is a family collaboration between Neil, Suellen and Kallie turner. Neil has been working with timber for over 40 years and is known internationally for his fine timber sculptures and furniture, Suellen works as a photographer and Kallie is a visual artist for 10 years and specialises in textiles and printmaking.